How to realize an m2m solution

Companies wishing to network their machines, can open wide potentialities for growth, but they need to attentively consider the risks of failure.
The company's name and reputation are on the line, and the process to enable machines to communicate is dynamic and complex. Hardly can one only company rely on all the competencies required even if its a big company or a multinational.
Data collection, functions identification, architecture design and the management of all the steps to deployment require many years of specialized experience in any side.

Below are some of the key drivers that may be at play in your deployment:

STRATEGIC competences

  • Benefits assessment
  • ROI analysis

TECHNICAL competences

  • Functions analysis and design
  • Market monitoring and comparisons of different offers
  • Integrating different suppliers and technologies
  • Integrating new solutions into pre-existing systems
  • Customisations, up-dates and new functions
...signals conditioning, process control, electrical measurements, communication protocols, algorithms, data compression, long and short range wireless transmission technologies, database management, web programming, GPS management, cartography interface...

FINANCIAL resources


Often it happens that:
  • The process is longer than expected
  • Your staff is not able to compare, distinguish and examine the offers from different suppliers
  • New competences (=new personnel) are required
  • New costs arise to improve supplies or implement changes
  • Unexpected stops of activities
  • Costs increase without any control
  • Times get longer and longer
  • The new solution does not provide the expected benefits