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Integrated M2M2: Movactive and Psion at the M2M Forum, X edition.

Large audience and specialized operators at the joint conference.

In the Puglia region,Tutor 505Sat makes aged Italians safer.

The technological solution has been realized by the Milan-based company Movactive and distributed by Said.

10° Movactive anniversary. The Group celebrates its innovation activities for the growth of enterprises.

New advanced solutions have been released to mark this important event.

Lindt & Sprüngli Spa entrusts its chocolate to the Movactive remote management

At the start, the remote monitoring of warehouses all over Italy

Movactive launches Extreme to monitor containers and trailers by remote.

Web-based positioning,with no need for external power source.

Movactive and Psion Teklogix present More to manage corporate processes where mobile workers are involved

M2MForum 2010 - Thursday 6th May at 12,50 , Fiera Milano, Milan - Italy

Movactive releases SmartEye: the next-generation videostreaming application

Speedy and easy-to-be-installed, SmartEye is the best tool even in challenging situations.

Movactive remote management solution increases quality service for Copra's customers

The Group adopts m2m technologies to empower the monitoring of catering service.

Movactive and Psion Teklogix team up and launch More 2.0: the web-based solution to support mobile workforce

Multiple-stop transport and technical service are the first markets the solution addresses to.

Movactive launches Unique 2.0

Manage many different plants by remote on the new digital ecosystem.

Machine-to-machine solutions protect the environment and cut operational costs

Movactive helps businesses to become greener.

M2M Movactive at the conference: “Healthcare & electronics”, with Elettromeccanica ECC

Under the patronage of the Suisse Consulate in Milan, the Italian Ministry of Labour and the ministerial Undersecretariat of Health

Sun System relies on Movactive for the remote management of its photovoltaic plants.

Movactive is the unique platform enabling simultaneous two-ways interaction with different plants.

M-Solar, the first website portal for the remote management of photovoltaic plants.

Realized by Movactive, M-Solar increases effectiveness and reliability of solar energy production.

GreenFleet: the vehicles management solution for eco-sustainable mobility

Movactive releases the new version of GreenFleet, even more powerful and cost-effective.

The new frontiers of AMR, with Movactive and Urmet, at the M2M Forum.

Unmissable event, 7th April at the Crown Plaza Hotel Milan.

Rising through the challenge of the economic downturn

Movactive m2m is the key to ushering companies out of the current crisis.

From Movactive, personal tracking and protection for mobile workforce with Find Pro

An innovative technological solution to improve worflow.

Movactive launches Tutor for hi-tech personal protection.

Maximum security and immediate intervention to stay safe and secure.

Movactive, Urmet and Informatica Valdinievole team up and launch an integrated solution for Lpg distributors

A true technological and strategic revolution which gives a boost to Lpg remote monitoring, in Italy.

The alliance between Movactive and Elettromeccanica ECC makes machine-to-machine easier for OEMs

Movactive chooses Elettromeccanica ECC to distribute its m2m solutions.

Lpg delivery: the remote management takes off with the alliance Movactive-Informatica Valdinievole

The two companies have just completed the integration of their solutions to make the distribution process more effective. Cutting costs.

Urmet and Movactive together: the remote management becomes global

The two companies announced their alliance in the m2m sector.

Universities and businesses get nearer with the Movactive University Program

Movactive empowers students' skills and turns them into m2m professionals

Remote management of LPG tanks: advanced technology and cost-effectiveness are the key drivers of the Movactive new offering

Remote management for everyone at cost 0 and a rich range of innovative services

On show the remote management of photovoltaic plants by Movactive

Solarexpo - Verona Fair - Italy, 15 - 17 May

Movactive takes part in the M2M Forum 2008

22nd April at 10,40 am , Crowne Plaza Hotel – San Donato Milanese (Milan), Italy.

Domotics ready to take off with the Movactive solutions

Its name is M-Building: it guarantees low costs, no wiring and an open architecture.

Movactive Italia with Clivet at Expocomfort 2008, the international exhibition for confortable living

FieraMilano, 11-15 March, Clivet SpA area, Pad 22, Stand P39 S32

Clivet chooses Movactive for the remote management of air conditioning units

Perform remote technical service and schedule maintenance the need of, Clivet, the leading company in air-conditioning

Movactive is selected by the 2008 Tech Index

the worldwide machine-to-machine yearbook, published by the prestigeous M2M Magazine

SunElectrics entrusts Movactive to realize its m2m solution for the remote management of photovoltaic systems

Movactive Italia enters the solar energy sector - Italian text

Deck partners with Movactive Italia

A new alliance to effectively meet the real needs of the m2m sector.

Last generation fleet management service with Movactive at the Transpotec Logitec 2007 Exhibition

Fiera Milano 4-7 october - Logitec, Area LCT Infotelematics Pav. 1 Stand K24

Soft financing consultancy, for Movactive corporate customers

How to finance machine-to-machine solutions to innovate businesses.

Movactive at the Conference: Mobile Business Roma 2007

M2M applications on show in Rome, at the Sheraton Hotel, on the 19th June, at 2,30 p.m.

Movactive partners with Vodafone for machine-to-machine offering

The parnership between the wireless telephone operator and the m2m solution provider will simplify and accelerate the adoption of m2m solutions by businesses.

Movactive machine-to-machine solutions at the M2M Forum

22 May 2007, Crowne Plaza Hotel , San Donato Milanese (Mi)- Italy.

Movactive and Start Italiana together to develop innovative m2m solutions for fuel monitoring

New partnership for the remote management of liquids gauging instruments.

Movactive at the Mobile Business Congress 2007-03-23

Milan, Marriott Hotel, 27th April at 10,30

Remote management of heating plants: Movactive and Fantini Cosmi team up to provide next generation solutions

Houses, offices, industrial and commercial buildings, are the most interested in the innovative solution.

From Movactive, new functions for the remote management of the DAC fleet

Among the many innovations: integrated satellite navigation and delivery planning.

Just one click, for the Antonio Rettagliata Group, to manage tanks at distance

The well-known distributor of gasolium chooses Movactive.

Movactive Unique: a vast improvement in the management of big organizations

One platform for the remote management of many, different vehicles, machines, plants.

New headquarters for Movactive Italia

In January 2007, the company opens its new offices in Sulbiate.

Movactive realizes new solutions for the remote management of Prometea fresh milk vending machines

The new solutions at the International Dairy Cattle Exhibition, in Cremona (Italy), 26-29 October (Fiera Internazionale del Bovino da latte, Fiera di Cremona).

Movactive and Centro Iside team up for environment protection

New, joint services and products for the remote management will result from the partnership - Italian text

Movactive remote management solutions at the M2M Forum

25 May 2006, Crowne Plaza Hotel , San Donato Milanese (Mi)- Italy

Venditalia 2006: Movactive presents the new solutions for the remote management of vending machines

Fiera Milanocity 29 March – 1 April, Pad 16/I - Stand CO513/EO614 Fas International

Movactive’s participation at the Winter Olimpic Games in Turin has come to an end

The service has perfectly worked, arising the enthusiasm of the operators.

Movactive Italia has a new Chairman of the Board of Directors and a new Managing Director

Massimo Boaron takes office in Movactive Italia.

Movactive Italia starts the ISO 9001:2000 certification procedure

Movactive will be the first Italian company, certificating the Quality of machine-to-machine services.

Movactive at the Expocompfort Exhibition to present the new applications for the remote management of tanks

Milanofiera, February 28th- March 4th. Cotrako area Stand 50 - Pad.2

Movactive starts its international expansion

Harbor Research will assist the Movactive Group to expand worldwide

Movactive optimizes the fleet of Fazi Trasporti.

Drastic cut of the costs, increased efficiency and new services for the final users are the goals achieved by the Movactive solution.

Remote management of liquids: Movactive and Rebola team up to provide next generation solutions.

Fuel, alimentary and chemical liquids are the most interested in the innovative solution.

Movactive and Net Team: the partnership takes off .

Capillary channel to market and integration of ict, for the machine-to-machine applications of Movactive.

Remote monitoring of tanks: partnership Movactive, Cotrako, Audiotel engineering.

An integrated application which assures the remote management of gpl tanks with overall efficiency and reduced costs.

Movactive at the XX Olympic Winter Games – Turin 2006

Movactive has been chosen to guarantee safe and efficient mobility.

Milanosport chooses Movactive for the remote control of swimming-pools

The new solutions will dramatically change the management of water plants.

The laboratory is renewed: innovative tests with Movactive

Progetto Natura entrusts Movactive with the remote management of the samples transport.

Movactive customizes its application for the capillary distribution to meet GielleTrans’ needs

The new solution will consistently improve the processes and cut the costs.

Movactive announces the partnership with Siemens Mobile Communications S.p.A.

Movactive becomes the technological partner for the development of innovative contents with the umts technology.

Fas International chooses Movactive to implement the remote management of its vending machines

The application offers the best solution to monitor and manage dispensers scattered on a wide area.

Edil-Group improves the management of its moving-earth vehicles thanks to Movactive

The important building contractors entrusts Movactive with the optimisation of its yards all over Italy.

Remote monitoring of tanks: Movactive and Cotrako partners

The new applications are on show in Milan, from the 2nd till the 7th March, at Expocomfort, stand Cotrako Pad.14/2, stand B32.

Remote monitoring of water: Movactive and Barchemicals together

Movactive and Barchemicals start a partnership which will revolutionize the control of water. The new applications are on show in Bologna, from the 4th till the 7th February, at Europolis 2004, stand Barchemicals, Pad.29, stand D33-E32

Movactive presents the remote monitoring service for water at Europolis 2004

Bologna, 4-7 February. Stand Barchemicals S.P.A., Pad.29, stand D33-E32

The swimming-pool is on-line

Barchemicals chooses Movactive to design and realise systems and service for the monitoring of water by remote control.

Infomobility Forum 2003

Movactive presents its innovative applications to manage fleets, technological plants and buildings by remote control. Turin, 25th November 2003

Renzo Tani, president of Movactive S.A., is the new President of IEC

An Italian man leads the International Electrotechnical Commission