From Movactive, personal tracking and protection for mobile workforce with Find Pro

An innovative technological solution to improve worflow.

Sulbiate (Milan)- Movactive S.p.A., the wireless solution provider leading the Italian market, has presented Find Pro, a small device for personal positioning and related service for data collection, processing and web publishing, which has been conceived to meet the enterprise's needs.

In times of economic downturn, when margins get smaller, Find Pro is a powerful and cost-effective tool to manage your mobile workforce: drivers, technicians, sales personnel and more. You can place the same device anywhere: in your pocket, in your car, on your motorbike or in your van, to enjoy full visibility of all field workers, in real time.

Find Pro keeps you in contact with your mobileforce and reduces communication costs. Multiple functions have been established: localization, tracking, alerts (via sms, web and e-mail), reporting and statistics, data exporting, cartographic options, geofencing, point of interests - such as customers' addresses -,maximum integrability into existing ERP systems, security functions for personal protection and rescue. Using Find Pro is simple, just enter your dedicated (and protected) webpage.

The device is already equipped with SIM, at exclusive tariff profiles, further to Movactive agreements with all the main telecom operators. Interaction with the device only requires a personal computer, provided it has high- speed internet connection. Wide range of utility tools to change options of use are available.

Most important is the integration of all the Movactive m2m solutions on the same cartography platform. Let's make an example: a company providing service for heating systems could integrate the Find Pro-based management of its technicians team with the Movactive remote management of heating systems. Thus, the operators could visualize alert calls and technicians positions on the same digital map and much more.

However you use Find Pro, the result is increased operational effectiveness as not only you can monitor progress through the schedule, but most of all you stay on track when faced with unforseen circumstances. Full visibility and increased proactivity boost customers satisfaction and loyalty on the long term.

Movactive is the innovative service provider, developing a wide range of m2m and fleet management solutions, via web. Born in 2001, the Company is multinational, with headquarters in Luxemburg and other offices in the EU. The company serves thousands customers, being the leader in the m2m sector.
Movactive is the first Open Platform managing either machines and fleets applications as well as the first platform with the first integrated system which enables communications between different standards and protocols.
Movactive offers integrated and flexible solutions, being a global company which melds all the required competences: business strategy analysis, technologic standards normalisation, functions design, architectures realization, processes, products, services, training, monitoring, assistance and up-dating.

The company has already realized a wide range of advanced, easy-to-be-used M2M wireless solutions, for many industries: vending, water treatment, transport and logistic, energy, environment, gas and fuel, utilities, electronics, building, insurance, telecommunications, IT, only to quote the best known.

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