Rising through the challenge of the economic downturn

Movactive m2m is the key to ushering companies out of the current crisis.

Businesses are under pressure. The marketplace is currently going through dramatic structural changes. There will be clear winners and losers. Executives need to rise to the challenge and look upon the crisis as an opportunity to transform and strengthen their strategies.
Movactive m2m solutions are a powerful tool to face economic challenges, to improve effectiveness and rise productivity, as long as the management will consider them as a strategic option rather than a mere technological support.


In these circumstances, despite the need to tighten the belt, the credit erosion, exhausting negotiations with concerned suppliers and nervous customers lacking in confidence, six imperatives will be critical to manage throughout the crisis:

1. Keep costs and investments under control
As you may have guessed, the current economic downturn has forced businesses to shrink expenses, to do more with less. Enterprises wishing to improve cash flows, have to reduce costs, provided those costs will be carefully scrutinized, with surgical attention. Cost cutting must not attempt at value-generation and leave companies unprepared for better times.

Movactive m2m solutions make companies save a lot of money through better processes, automated activities, with no human intervention. Cost reduction will not penalize but support development, increasing effectiveness, productivity and even security. Just think to better routing which reduces fuel consumption, remote monitoring that reduces the number of technicians' trips and much more.
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2. Customers acquisition and retention
Retain customers and acquire new ones: no doubt this is the great imperative for all companies, at all times. Nevertheless, operational activities are getting harder, the number of customers is decreasing, the prizes pressure is everywhere, companies don't know how to grow their sales. Customers are nervous, cautious and more rational, and evaluate carefully the value they purchase: this means that companies must offer new motivation and invest to provide more value. In order to adopt a customer-centric approach, companies must do more than pursue traditional marketing and CRM strategies. They need to intensify customers acquisition strategies and loyalty programs. This moment could even be propitious to capture new customers from weak competitors: moving early to anticipate and serve new needs, can help to establish strong customer loyalty and a sound base for future growth.

Movactive m2m solutions for machines networking enables manufacturers, users and service companies to keep in contact with the machines that they produce, use and manage: manufacturers will be able to improve their products, service companies will be able to provide proactive maintenance and assistance, users will enjoy new smart services. Traditional manufacturing-driven business models defining service and after-sales support as subservient to the product is rapidly disappearing. Movactive makes companies enhance new value-generating strategies, leveraging on both devices and a wide range of innovative services so as to improve competitive abilities, start new profits, increase customers loyalty and create one-to-one relationships.
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3. Operational excellence
During economic downturns, increasing effectiveness takes on added importance. Companies must re-examine all their processes and, if necessary re-design them globally, exploiting new technologies, avoiding simple re-adjustment of this process and that one.

Movactive m2m solutions are about enhance more effective processes, new ways to do things. For instance, Movactive solutions for transportation can aid fleet management through improved routing and better fuel efficiency. Solutions for technical service can provide proactive assistance and maintenance through virtual interactive panels which enable two-ways communication with machines spread all over the planet, in real time. You can improve delivery planning and increase loading effectiveness and much more.
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4. Focus on your core business and outsource
During economic turbulence, companies lack cash to diversify their business, therefore they need to focus on their core activities.

Movactive m2m solutions. Companies wishing to connect their machines and vehicles can rely on Movactive to realize the most suitable solution. Movactive deals with the global implementation process: from start-up to the communication with networked assets on field. Movactive can manage companies' outsourced communications with their machines, maintain the global architecture and manage data.
Thus companies will solely devote to their own business, focusing on their competences, while Movactive integrates different, complex technologies to tailor-make solutions and meet their specific requirements, within time and costs limits.
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5. Innovation
In times of great changes, inaction could be fatal: companies must act, now. This is the ideal moment to streamline the innovation process, ensuring it will deliver the best quality to customers, eliminating waste and increasing the focus on ROI. Companies wishing to outperform their competition, will continue to invest in renewing their products and services, even during bad times, to be prepared for the economic upturn.

Movactive m2m solutions are the key to guide companies out of the crisis, because they bring massive innovative technology, at low costs, to connect machines and vehicles, wherever they are, on the same platform to manage them by remote, regardless of their communication protocol.

6. Attention to the environment
Despite extreme pressure to cut costs, companies must pursue green goals. Companies with green strategies will be better prepared for stricter environmental regulation, enhance their reputation and take the lead in the fast-growing green markets.

Movactive m2m solutions. Green technologies, renewable energies, CO2 reduction, smart buildings, traffic decrease, fight against pollution, environmental protection, reduction of fuel consumption, are only some of the Movactive promises.
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