Movactive launches Tutor for hi-tech personal protection.

Maximum security and immediate intervention to stay safe and secure.

Sulbiate (Milan, Italy) - The Italian company Movactive, leading provider of wireless applications, has presented a revolutionary solution for personal protection. Its name is Tutor, a personal locator device together with rescue and security service.

The basic version enables you to call for help, just pressing a button. The device sends an allarm call and your geographical position to the Operating Center which alerts emergency organizations or police.
Moreover, Tutor provides several functions to make you interact with relatives and friends and organizations wishing to keep in contact with you (health centers, medical centers, private security, and more).

Anxious parents, people caring of old persons, sportsmen, they can all follow the dear ones on maps that can be accessed easily, on dedicated, secure pages, on the internet. Safe and dangerous areas can be configurated, alert calls are sent for entering/going out conditions.

In addition, Tutor is also a portable phone that can be used for usual conversations, in case of emergency the "silent call function" (if it has been selected) makes it possible to identify false alarms conditions and respond to requests for help.
Tutor is innovative and different from any other device on the market: no software to be installed, sim is included, tariffs is selected for customers according to their needs, help-desk is at customers' disposal, the device is really small and its design is attractive.

Tutor intends to meet the increasing need for security, in Italy the Istat Research Center counts 5millions women-victims of physical and sexual violence, and over 1000 children have desappeared in 2007. Moreover new life-styles have produced an increasing number of people living alone - ill and aged ones - in need of assistance.
Children and teenagers, women and girls, sportmen, old and ill people are the market segments ready to welcome this new and important technological solution.

Movactive is the innovative service provider, developing a wide range of m2m and fleet management solutions, via web. Born in 2001, the Company is multinational, with headquarters in Luxemburg and other offices in the EU. The company serves thousands customers, being the leader in the m2m sector.
Movactive is the first Open Platform managing either machines and fleets applications as well as the first platform with the first integrated system which enables communications between different standards and protocols.
Movactive offers integrated and flexible solutions, being a global company which melds all the required competences: business strategy analysis, technologic standards normalisation, functions design, architectures realization, processes, products, services, training, monitoring, assistance and up-dating.

The company has already realized a wide range of advanced, easy-to-be-used M2M wireless solutions, for many industries: vending, water treatment, transport and logistic, energy, environment, gas and fuel, utilities, electronics, building, insurance, telecommunications, IT, only to quote the best known.

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