Machine-to-machine solutions protect the environment and cut operational costs

Movactive helps businesses to become greener.

Sulbiate (Milan, Italy) - Movactive, the leading m2m solutions provider in the Italian market, presented the second yearly report on sustainable economy, underlining that machine-to-machine technologies can play a key role to tackle climate change, meanwhile they can offer a huge opportunity to increase operational effectiveness and reduce costs.

The report shows that Movactive solutions can give a significant contribution in that direction:
• Fleet management solutions reduce corporate costs because they optimize trips planning abd loading, they reduce mileage and fuel consumption, while they decrease carbon emissions.
• Similarly, Smart metering (last generation AMR) eliminate personnel trips to read consuption values: thus they do not produce polluting gas, cut costs, improve service and increase customers satisfaction.
• Remote monitoring (it is the m2m solution which enables two-ways interaction with any electronic device and system) makes machines send alarm calls in case of anomalous working, the result is increased effectiveness, reduces costs and even environmental protection. Accessing a virtual control panel, technicians can operate as if they were straight in front of the device. Mny trips are replaced by virtual interaction, and , if needed, on site repairs are immediately resolutive. By eliminating or reducing the need for physical m2m applications can make a major contribution to tackle climate change, improve processes and reduce costs.

Massimo Boaron of Movactive has declared: "Huge challenges arise from the recent economic downturn: each enterprise is expected to improve effectiveness, cut corporate costs and reduce its own environmental impact. Public opinion calls for eco-sustainable development and new governmental action to stimulate m2m investments testify the key role of the machine-to-machine sector to start and support future growth."

Read the abstract of second yearly Report: "Think Green"

Movactive is the innovative service provider, developing a wide range of m2m and fleet management solutions, via web. Born in 2001, the Company is multinational, with headquarters in Luxemburg and other offices in the EU. The company serves thousands customers, being the leader in the m2m sector.
Movactive is the first Open Platform managing either machines and fleets applications as well as the first platform with the first integrated system which enables communications between different standards and protocols.
Movactive offers integrated and flexible solutions, being a global company which melds all the required competences: business strategy analysis, technologic standards normalisation, functions design, architectures realization, processes, products, services, training, monitoring, assistance and up-dating.

The company has already realized a wide range of advanced, easy-to-be-used M2M wireless solutions, for many industries: vending, water treatment, transport and logistic, energy, environment, gas and fuel, utilities, electronics, building, insurance, telecommunications, IT, only to quote the best known.

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