Universities and businesses get nearer with the Movactive University Program

Movactive empowers students' skills and turns them into m2m professionals

Salerno, Italy - Its name is Movactive University Program, it's the winning-prize competition that Movactive has conceived to celebrate its new offices in Prignano Cilento, Campania Region.

The program aims at giving students a real chance to start their working life, by creating an effective link between University and enterprise.
The program consists in a competition to solve a software related case.

As true market leader in the machine-to machine sector, Movactive makes students take part in a big challange: make machines talk, ask for maintenance and repair, be fixed by remote, on the Internet.

In 2008, students will face due projects on the same multi-protocol Movactive communication platform. Students will be supported by their teachers.
A three members commission will select the candidates. The winners (5-!0 first listed) will have the opportunity to start a work experience scheme at the Movactive Offices and at the DMI - Unisa University.

Movactive www.movactive.com
Movactive is the innovative service provider, developing a wide range of m2m and fleet management solutions, via web. Born in 2001, the Company is multinational, with headquarters in Luxemburg and other offices in the EU. The company serves thousands customers, being the leader in the m2m sector.
Movactive is the first Open Platform managing either machines and fleets applications as well as the first platform with the first integrated system which enables communications between different standards and protocols.
Movactive offers integrated and flexible solutions, being a global company which melds all the required competences: business strategy analysis, technologic standards normalisation, functions design, architectures realization, processes, products, services, training, monitoring, assistance and up-dating.

The company has already realized a wide range of advanced, easy-to-be-used M2M wireless solutions, for many industries: vending, water treatment, transport and logistic, energy, environment, gas and fuel, utilities, electronics, building, insurance, telecommunications, IT, only to quote the best known.

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