Big investments to start, huge costs for maintenance, fragmented technologies, lack of specialized skills, the burden of servers and infrastructures management; data processing, management and storage cause the partial failure of m2m and fleet management solutions.

is the key

Movactive realizes the best solution for your business, your products and vehicles.
Movactive deals with the global implementation process: from start-up to the communication with your networked assets on field.
The Movactive approach allows companies to focus on their core activities, while Movactive integrates different, complex technologies to tailor-make solutions and meet your specific requirements, within time and costs limits.
Movactive can manage your outsourced communications with your machines maintain the global architecture and manage data
Thus you will solely devote to your business, focusing on your competences. You will rely on unrivalled service, maximum quality and keep your costs under control.

Learn the benefits of Movactive outsourcing

  • One only supplier for all technical supplies
  • Focus your company resources on your activities and forget the technological management of m2m networking
  • Keep costs under control and plan them in advance
  • Respect scheduling
  • Results are certain
  • No investments: all you need is common personal computers, with high speed internet connection
  • Long-term relationship: you won’t need expensive software, hardware or networking up-grading
  • Constant technological up-grading, to ensure state-of-the art technologies and protect your company from the risk of obsolescence of IT products. The scalability and expansibility of the Movactive platform ensure the progressive development of your Movactive application and service